High School Graduation Requirements

4.0 English 3.0 Science 4.0 Math (minimum Math III completed) 3.0 Social Studies 1.5 PE (Fit for Life, two electives at .5 each) .5 Health
1.5 Fine Arts .5 CTE (Technology) 1.0 General Financial Literacy (1.0 Adult Roles) .5 Business Office Specialist
16 Elective Credits
36 credits

College and Career Readiness

Each year the Counseling Department schedules meetings with parents and students to discuss each students progress and future plans. The junior high will meet in a group setting for orientation to high school. The Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen have an individual meeting scheduled. This short 15 - 20 minute meeting helps parents, students and counselors to keep track of a students progress towards graduation and to plan for the continued educational needs of each student. In addition, students may talk about future career choices, post educational opportunities, current and future goals or other opportunities students have available to them through the school.

Please plan on attending these meetings. The information covered in these meetings helps keep your son/daughter on track for graduation and to prepare for continued education in the future.